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Business Readiness with GlobalMeet

As a global company, we know all too well what it’s like when a business is affected by a natural disaster or global crisis. Our teams are navigating a world where forest fires are commonplace and the threat of Coronavirus is very real. Just like many other organizations around the world, we’ve had to adapt to ensure our business continues to operate smoothly and most importantly keep our employees safe.

With 29 years operating as a global organization, we’ve learned a lot and would like to share our knowledge on how to keep business operations going when crisis hits.

Safety is First and Foremost

While keeping business operations going is important, your business can’t operate without its employees. Which is why as an organization, keeping people safe should be your number one priority. When natural disasters or global crises occur, put employees first and make sure everyone is safe and accounted for. From there, we assess next steps to ensure our employees can work safely in their environments.

Proactive Thinking is Key

When a natural disaster or global crisis occurs, you don’t want to be caught off guard. Before your team is affected by inclement weather, virus outbreaks or other unforeseen disasters, it’s important that you keep lines of communication open, have a emergency plan in place and understand the threats to your business.

According to a recent announcement from the CDC, officials are already planning for a world-wide pandemic with the spread of the Coronavirus. They are recommending companies around the world look at teleworking options.

If your company already has an emergency plan in place, we recommend making sure your plan includes scenarios for remote working. Having an emergency plan in place is only a part of being proactive. Employees must be knowledgeable of the plan and communication from leaders in the organization prior to the disaster is critical. That way employees can properly prepare for next steps.

Consider hosting a webcast training or town hall event to inform employees of emergency plans and critical business decisions. When you’re proactive about emergency situations, you can plan effectively to minimize any disruption to your business operations. We want to help keep your employees safe and keep your business operations running smoothly.

Empowering Employees to #WorkWherever

When disaster strikes, it can be very difficult and dangerous for employees to commute to the office. Empower employees to work remotely using collaboration and communication tools to keep your business operating during times of crisis. PGi’s goal is helping people connect, even when the circumstances sometimes make it difficult.

Our comprehensive collaboration and unified communication solutions allow employees to work anywhere there is an internet or phone connection. Employees can still have face-to-face meetings with video conferencing or screen share to share materials or present information. Even if your organization promotes in-office work, having collaboration tools that allow employees to work remotely is vital to keep your business operating at 100%. These tools allow employees to make smarter decisions about whether they should work from home or come into the office. Does your business have communication tools to empower employees to #workwherever in times of crisis?

We understand that when disaster strikes, it can be crippling to a business. With a plan in place and the right communication tools to help you out, you can continue business without disrupting operations. We’re here to help.

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