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5 Webcast Features that Your Business Can’t Afford to Do Without

When choosing a webcast platform, there is much more to consider beyond the investment. Robust features make all the difference when implementing professional webcasting software and services. Your business can’t afford to miss out on leveraging these five webcast features.

1. HD video streaming

Webcasts rely on videos to amp up their message. This means that your video is the primary focus for any webcast event. High-quality HD video streaming offers superior viewing. You can also alleviate interruptions with a top-notch webcast platform that streams HD video without straining your network.

2. Cloud-based recording

For any business, time is money. Appropriating your resources and reusing content is an effective way to save time. This is why you need a webcast software that offers cloud-based recording. By storing your webcasts in the cloud, you can easily offer on-demand viewing. In addition, without investing in hardware to store your video content.

3. CRM and Marketing Integrations

Many companies leverage CRM (customer relationship management) and marketing software to reach out to their target audience. Your webcast software is an extension of these tools. By connecting your webcast software in this ecosystem, your team can streamline these business-critical relationships.

Look for a webcast platform that easily integrates with your CRM and marketing automation platform. With GlobalMeet Webcast, for example, you can connect to popular software like Salesforce, Hubspot, Marketo, and Pardot to streamline the user experience.

4. Ability to add in pre-recorded video

Sometimes a webcast needs a balance to ensure that the audience receives a message loud and clear. Webcast software that gives users the ability to add in a pre-recorded video makes this balance easier to achieve.

Pre-record your most important information so that the message is clear. Furthermore, pre-recorded videos can be used for other webcasts, which keeps important messaging consistent across all channels.

5. Webcast analytics

To continue improving the effectiveness of webcasts, you need data that allows you to measure success. Look for a webcast software that offers robust data analytics to help you gain these insights. In the same vein, detailed reporting gives you a comprehensive look at how you can improve your future webcast events.

Your business needs to take advantage of these webcast features and more. You need a webcast platform that embodies professional software and top-notch services. Schedule your GlobalMeet Webcast demo today.

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