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How to Run a Paperless Office [Infographic]

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With Earth Month in full swing, we have had green officing on our minds quite a bit lately. The good folks over at MetroFax have put together this eye opening infographic regarding paper usage in offices. It also outlines how to make the switch to a more paperless lifestyle. iMeet makes going paperless easy with our built-in file cabinet that …

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A focus on the intersection of the future and the way we work: #ShiftSXSW

Beginning tomorrow, PGi will engage thought leaders, strategists, and business visionaries in a three-day conversation that intersects at the interactive hub of the SXSW conference in Austin, Texas. Our offices, located the top of the Frost Bank Building, will serve as host for the second #shift conference. This pop-up event empowers, studies and celebrates exciting new fields as well as …

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Easy Green Resolutions for Your Business in 2012

Having suffered through the historical drought that scorched Texas this past summer and being befuddled by a winter that seems more like spring, many of us are embracing terms like “climate change,” “climate weirdness” and “global warming” to describe the unprecedented shifts in our planet’s weather patterns. Although we may struggle to articulate our concerns, not always knowing the precise scientific …

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Working longer hours now that you’re working from home?

I believe in telecommuting. I love the freedom, the space, the solitude and the comfort of working from home—and I certainly don’t miss the commute. I especially value that I am saving twenty pounds of carbon emissions a day by not driving to work. There are diverse advantages to working from home, not the least of which is repurposing the …

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Green Finances: Help the planet and your checkbook

Consumers continually seek faster and easier ways to get things done. Green banking—that is, paperless online banking—is an eco-friendly way to help reduce your carbon footprint. Not only is paperless banking a contributing factor in our planet’s overall wellness, it also provides a more efficient and organized way to handle your finances. Here are a few ways that green banking …

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Coworking Space Finds Relationship Solution in iMeet

Video conferencing technology allows people from all industries to connect with customers and clients, regardless of geography. PGi’s virtual meeting solution, iMeet, both simplifies and augments the video conferencing experience through a streamlined interface. iMeet’s versatility and diverse business applications made it the ideal choice for our new partner, thinkspace. A small innovative company, thinkspace provides coworking spaces for freelancers, …

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Every day green: Nine easy choices businesses can make to help the environment today

Is your business confused about how it can “go green”? Initiating an environmental response to the green imperative—whether through a formal RFP or by informal employee practices in the workplace—can be challenging. However, by making small choices and building upon them daily, businesses can establish goals that promote a greener future. Planet wellness is understandably a complex issue, but your …

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Facebook unveils energy efficiency secrets

Facebook’s ‘Open Compute’ project promises one-third less energy consumption and a new open standard to help IT companies go green. Facebook it seems has turned ‘quantum leaping’ into a way of life. Having changed the web forever with its open API (which made possible that now ubiquitous little blue “Like” button), the social networking behemoth wants to do the same …

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Creating Business Efficiency with Green Practices

If you find yourself wanting to go “green” within your organization but ask if it costs more money than it saves, you aren’t alone. Many companies struggle with the practical implementation of environmentally conscious choices, even when the desire exists. To spend, we must defend, as my own mentors wisely guide me. When companies can tie increased efficiency to business …

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Carbon Footprint Series Part 3: Telecommuting

People have begun to see the impact telecommuting can make on our overall carbon footprint and are realizing that working from home can help the planet. Because telecommuting reduces carbon fuel consumption, air pollution and traffic congestion by decreasing the number of cars on the road, environmentalists strongly recommend this simple, effective solution. According to a survey commissioned by the …

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Gradual Green: Easy green tips for your office

As Kermit the Frog tells us, “it’s not easy being green,” but even small steps—both as individuals and as businesses—can improve not only the environment, but also office efficiency. Conscious awareness is the key to gradually greening your world and instilling healthier sustainable practices. Start recycling If you aren’t recycling already, start. Begin with the most common materials: paper, cans …

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