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7 Exhilarating ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Videos from PGi CEO and Associates

PGi accepts the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge™! Associates from all over the world rallied to Strike Out ALS, challenging coworkers and even executives to dump or donate. CEO Boland T. Jones joined in the effort to spread awareness. Enjoy the hilarious videos below—including Boland’s!—and join PGi associates as they share in the fun and charitable giving on PGi’s Instagram: http://instagram.com/pgi …

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STEM Education a Priority for America and the World: Get Involved Today

“Education is the foundation upon which we build our future.” — Christine Gregoire Tomorrow, May 3, is the inaugural Georgia STEM day. Companies, educators, public officials and families are coming together to raise awareness about the importance of science, technology, engineering and math education for the betterment of America’s future. Here are some eye-opening statistics about STEM education in the …

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Bert’s Big Adventure and PGi: Bringing Magical Moments to Atlanta’s Children

Since 2002, Bert’s Big Adventure has provided a lifetime of magical moments for children with chronic and terminal illnesses and their families. PGi was honored to join in the adventure for the second year in a row as we help this incredible organization make the dreams of these worthy children come true. Teaming up with Atlanta’s popular Bert Show, PGi joined …

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Event in Review: #ShiftNYC Dialogue on Social Enterprise

In the #shift event series, we focus conversation and thinking about the progression in professional cultures. One of our favorite topics revolves around social enterprise: the power of integrating social responsibility in the fabric of our business models, and creating new types of organizations that not only drive profit, but drive impact as well. We were thrilled to have such …

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PGi is a Proud Sponsor of Berts Big Adventure 2011

PGi was delighted to attend this year’s 10th year Anniversary send-off celebration for the amazing kids of Berts Big Adventure 2011. Each year, Bert’s Big Adventure provides a spectacular five-day journey to Walt Disney World, where children with chronic or terminal illnesses can connect with others facing similar issues, experience events that otherwise could not be afforded and enjoy the …

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Maybe You CAN Change the World: The Future of Social Good

If your company disregards social media as a consumer trend or solely personal tool, you’re grossly underestimating its power. Social media is the first true collective voice of our world, making the exchange of information faster than previously imaginable and creating a global social awareness like never before. Just consider the transformation of information exchange in the past twenty years. …

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#ShiftNYC begins “un-conference” with social enterprise panel


If you’ve been reading the #Shift blog or following our recent event, you know that PGi has been busily deconstructing the world’s present work dynamic and examining new trends that are reshaping our professional identity. In media, in corporate environments, and in consumers’ minds and habits, the status quo is unquestionably changing. The dialogues among our panelists and attendees at …

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How do Brands Stand out From the Noise?

Traditional marketing practices just don’t cut it anymore. Participating in Twitter, Facebook, blogging, and a host of alternative mass communications platforms have become standard practice for businesses in today’s digital age. Certainly, marketers have had to evolve their strategies and messages to create compelling brands that last and resonate with customers, but with the advent of social media and more …

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Sales Tax as the New Tithe

For the past 3 days, I’ve been teleworking from my hometown of El Paso, Texas. Being around my family — the people who have taught me most of my spiritual and moral values (e.g., treat others as you would want to be treated, be responsible and volunteer as much as you can) —  I am always taught something new. Though …

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